Thursday, March 31, 2011

Pink Floyd Wish You Were Here

I am sure this song sparks memories for many people. For me this is a sad story about the death of my mother-in-law after battling cancer for several years. The day of the funeral was surreal to say the least. My wife was obviously devastated and I managed to get through the speech I gave at the eulogy. Then following funeral service, we all drove in the funeral procession to the cemetery. The very first song that played on the radio was Pink Floyd's Wish You Were Here. It seemed as if the DJ knew exactly what to play at hat very moment. To this day (~6 years later) my wife and I have a hard time listening to that song. This is a testament to how much songs can play a part in the memory of a loved one lost. I am sure this theme will be repeated over and over as we discuss songs.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wedding Song(s): From This Moment On and Your'e Still The One (Shania Twain)

Being that this is the first song post for this blog, I figured it would be nice to start with the two songs my wife and I used at our wedding. The story behind these songs is long story so I will offer an abbreviated version here. My wife and I were living in St. Louis at the time while I finished my Master's Degree and we were planning a wedding from there to take place here in Milwaukee. We knew we wanted You're Still the One by Shania Twain (lyrics) because of what lyrics meant; it was “our” song. We came home for a weekend to attend a wedding showcase knowing we would have to sign a band for the reception that day. After viewing them all, we found the band we liked called “Everyday People” (yet another memory there from a song) but unfortunately they played From This Moment On (lyrics) and not the one we wanted. We were OK with that since both songs were nice. So fast forward a few months to the wedding reception when we found out that the band now played Still the One so we were able to get both songs to dance to at our wedding. Anytime I hear either one of those songs it immediately takes me back to our wedding day which was beautiful (as was the bride). Do either of these songs bring any memories to you? Let me know.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Shiny New First Post

Hi all. I am starting this fun new blog about how memories are attached to songs. I hope that as you follow this blog it will trigger memories from you about the songs I post and you will make suggestions as well (that may spark a memory from me). I am also going to have some other weekly features such as pitting song versus song, artist versus artist and CD versus CD. I will occasionally post a song just to get others reaction of it; whether it is a memory or general like/dislike for the song. I really hope this is as much fun for all of you out there as it is for me to post.