Friday, May 6, 2011

Thunder Kiss '65 by White Zombie

I have never been a big fan of White Zombie but the song Thunder Kiss '65 song reminds me of some really fun times I had with my buddy Mike. Mike and I were the only two our gang that did not work 2nd or 3rd shift so we would hang out at the bars together. I had just turned 21 (1993) and was looking to tear it up. We had a bar we would hang out at everyday of the week except maybe one (Wednesday's , I think). Well one of the best days was Thursday's at Amman's. The thing about this place was how cheap the beer was. You bought a cheap plastic mug from them and then on Thursday's you could get refill's for 25 cents. Yep, 25 cents. So for $2-$3 you could get pretty hammered, and we did. I think we used to spend more money on pool games than we did on beer. Is was a great night too, because it was sponsored by the local rock station so you heard cool songs as well (not just dance stuff).

We would show up around 7 pm to be some of the first ones there to get a pool table. Then the place would be jam packed by 9:00 pm and stay that way until ~11:00 pm when the 25 cent special ran out. By then though we didn't need any more beer and just hung out, watched the scenery and tried to play pool if my vision was not too blurry. So at that time the Thunder Kiss 1965 was very popular and it was the song that got everyone going. There would be people dancing, head-banging, bouncing to this infectious groove of the song. For the longest time I did not even know who did the song. It was always sort of the crescendo of the night. You were usually sweating after that song. It was very fun. Eventually things began to slow down and the bar would begin to thin out. Then we would go through the Taco Bell drive thru, head back to Mike's place and I would spend the night since I lived much further than he did from the bar. Next week... Same thing. We did this for about a year. Unfortunately thugs starting coming to the bar and it was the beginning of the end for these fun nights.

Do you have any memories of this song? Please let me know.

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