Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Dreams I'll Never see by Molly Hatchet

I jammed for many years with some high school buddies of mine. We played at my high school and college graduations, my going-away party when I left Wisconsin for my Master's Degree and other events over the years. When I got back to Wisconsin we actually tried to be a band for a while (Bottom's Up). We played only a handful of gigs but they were very fun. One of the songs that we just nailed was Dreams I'll Never See by Molly Hatchet. I had never heard that song before the singer brought it up to play. His voice fit that southern rock vibe very well. The guitar player was a virtuoso and could play nearly anything (he especially like Eddie Van Halen and Randy Rhodes) and played the guitar parts flawlessly. Although I had more fun playing Flirtin' With Disaster (which is STILL on of my all time favorite songs to play on the drums) I always felt Dreams was the best song we did. Everybody really got into it. Lyrically, I can relate a bit because I never was able to pursue music as much as I would have liked but I am not complaining in the least.

The song starts with some bass harmonics with the guitar riff joining in soon thereafter. After a few measures the drums kick and the song feels full and the vibe is great. The singers tone is a bit muted, as if the song is speaking directly to you – the listener. Along the way the song has some nice twists ant turns. The end of the lead is a fun bit to play and then there is a solid break, followed by the bass coming back in like the beginning of the song. Rinse and repeat a few verses and another lead to build up to the end. The song is relatively simple but really hits me every time I play it (which I don't don't do very often anymore since no of us see each other anymore).


  1. I prefer the original dreamy version done by the Allman Brothers over this one. Nevertheless, this version works quite well with me. I do like the heavier upbeat flavor in Molly Hatchet's version-the triple guitar attack. It's rare that any band could pull off ABB, but Molly Hatchet does a great job making it their "own"

  2. I have only heard the ABB version a couple of times so I really can't compare. This song was really fun to play. It was one of the few songs where everyone really got into it which always makes the songs better.