Thursday, April 21, 2011

Radar Love and Twilight Zone by Golden Earring

Another pair of great suggestions by Perplexio.

 Golden Earring was a Dutch band that formed in the 1960's.

Radar Love: What can you say about one of the best (if not THE best) driving songs of all time. It is tradition, like yelling “Free Bird” at a concert. There were many times when I would go out of my way to put this song on while on long trips, especially in the summer with the windows down ( My first car was a 72 Buick Skylark with no air so I did not have a choice).  I have always loved the drums in this song, even before I ever became a drummer. I do have one small story for this song. I remember arguing with my buddy Fred because he liked the remake of the song by White Lion better than the original. Don't get me wrong, it was not a bad remake, but it pales next to the original in terms of energy and drive (pun intended). I grew up on the original so maybe I am biased.

Twilight zone: I have to admit I never really cared much for that song. When you listen to the two next to each other it's hard to believe it is the same band. However, I give Golden Earring credit that they found a sound that blended nicely with the times much like Rush did over the decades (who also had a song called Twilight Zone). Twilight Zone was definitely an 80's song but not in the same cheesy mold as much of the other songs of that time. I agree with Perplexio that despite it's 80's sound, it does hold up well.

Thanks again Perplexio for the suggestions.


  1. Both songs are really cool! I think Moontan is a must for every collection! Not only "Radar Love" is on it, but deep cut classics like "Candy's Going Bad" and "Vanilla Queen" can be found on there as well.

    If you can track it down, Golden Earring Live (released 1977) provides a GREAT overview of them in concert. "Mad Love's Comin'" just rocks on that album.

    As for "The Twilight Zone"...who can forget the bass solo on that one?

  2. I've got to agree with Drew on Twilight Zone.... I LOVE that bass solo.

    And Radar Love is of course a classic. I used to work at a hockey equipment store in suburban Cleveland, Ohio. At the time I was dating a girl who actually didn't like the song. I remember my coworkers at the store and I all asking her how it was that she didn't like that song (she owned a '98 Mustang-- her car was much nicer than my '88 Corolla, LOL). She was a car buff and not a fan of perhaps the greatest driving song ever?!?!? It still boggles my mind.

  3. drewzepmeister, I think I had Moontan on cassette at one time. Ok, I will give you the bass solo for that song. After I wrote the post, I was thinking hard to when that song was popular and I have to admit I think as a kid I really liked Twilight Zone. those memories are starting to fade as I get older (hence this blog).

    Perplexio, great story. It does boggle the mind that someone could not like Radar Love. Just to add to the story about my buddy Fred, he is a great guy but he DID NOT LIKE LED ZEPPELIN!! So its no wonder he liked the White Lion version better. No accounting for taste I guess :)

    Thanks for the posts guys.