Saturday, April 2, 2011

Refugee by Tom Petty

So, this memory goes way back to grade school. It was roughly 5th or 6th grade (my memory is going, I guess) when I was attending Cooper school. Every couple of months we had roller skating parties sponsored by the school which were so much fun. So this would have been around 1983 – 1984. I remember going to Rollero and skating with my friends. Whenever this song came on, we went nuts. We would go as fast as we could around the rink, weaving in and out of people. There were a few times when Refugee was played for the corner game which was similar to musical chairs. The song would play and when it stopped you had to skate to the nearest corner. The corner with the most people stayed in the game; everyone else had to leave the rink. Then the process was repeated. Back then, this game was a big deal and we tried everything we could to win. Those were fun times indeed. Does this song remind you of anything? Let me know.


  1. I remember hearing this tune quite often in the late '70's. It really my first exposure to Tom Petty. 20 some years and and a whole collection of Petty later, I finally did see him in concert at Summerfest during the Great Wide Open Tour!

  2. My wife is the bigger Petty fan of the family but I had to add this song from my childhood. I have heard he puts on a great concert. Ahhh, Summerfest, I can smell the food and almost taste the $5 beer.